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Thank you to our research assistant Umberto!

29 April 2019

Our research Fellow Stefania Montemezzo has spent months in archives Siena, Florence, Venice, collecting material for our project, and several more months transcribing those documents. For the past two of months, she has had a help from our wonderful research ...

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Refashioning team in New York

21 March 2019

Refashioning the Renaissance team travels to New York on 20–24 March, to learn more about experimental hands-on methods and object-based research. Principal Investigator Paula Hohti, Postdoctoral Researchers Michele Robinson and Sophie Pitman, PhD Candidate Anne-Kristine Sindvald Larsen, and Project Coordinator Piia ...

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Sense and Matter in Early Modern Europe Conference

8 March 2019

On Saturday 9 March 2019, Refashioning the Renaissance team is participating in one-day conference Sense and Matter in Early Modern Europe, organised in honour of Professor Evelyn Welch at King’s College London. The programme covers three main areas of Welch’s research ...

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Refashioning project in Aalto news

14 February 2019

Aalto University website has published a news story of our project! In the piece project leader Paula Hohti tells about our project; what we have achieved thus far and what the coming year brings ahead. We also shared information on ...

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Tule mukaan neulomaan renessanssin sukkia!

1 February 2019

Refashioning the Renaissance -projekti järjestää vuonna 2019 kansalaistiedeprojektin, jossa rekonstruoidaan 1500–1600 -lukujen neulottuja sukkia. Tämän projektin tarkoituksena on rekonstruoida varhaisen uuden ajan pohjoismaisia neulottuja sukkia, ja tuottaa tietoa niiden valmistuksesta. Ryhmään ovat tervetulleita eritasoiset neulojat, mutta koska ryhmän on tarkoitus olla melko ...

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Paula Hohti in a dye workshop in Netherlands

18 January 2019

Paula Hohti is taking part on the Burgundian Blacks Collaboratory workshop in Húns, Netherlands on 15–18 January. This wonderful workshop is organised by Jenny Boulboullé and Claudy Jongstra in collaboration with the ARTECHNE project, and it is continuation to the ...

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Dr Sophie Pitman joins Refashioning the Renaissance project

5 January 2019

We are very exited to welcome Dr Sophie Pitman to Refashioning the Renaissance team. Sophie joins us from the Columbia University, where she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at The Making and Knowing Project. Her doctoral research, conducted at the University ...

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