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By the end of this project in 2022 we will have published academic articles and a monograph on Renaissance dress. All research produced during this project will be published open access and can be found here in the future.


Forthcoming project publications

Hohti, Paula: “European Influences on Scandinavian Dress: Textile trade and clothing fashions in Sweden-Finland, 1550–1600” (submitted).

Hohti, Paula: Beyond the Palace: The Material World of Sixteenth-Century Artisans and Shopkeepers (submitted).

Related publications by our team members 


Hohti, Paula:  ‘Cheap Magnificence?: Imitations and Low-Cost Luxuries in Renaissance Italy’, in C. Kovesi (ed.), Luxury and the Ethics of Greed in Early Modern Italy. Brepols, forthcoming. 228–275.

Robinson, Michele: ‘The Material Culture of Female Youth in Bologna, 1550–1600,’ in E. S. Cohen & M. Reeves (eds.) The Youth of Early Modern Women. Amsterdam University Press, forthcoming 2018.


Hohti, Paula: ‘Dress, dissemination and change: Artisan ‘Fashions’ in Renaissance Italy’, in E. Welch (ed.), Fashioning the Early Modern: Creativity and Innovation in Europe, 1500–1800. Oxford University Press/Pasold, 2017. 143–165.

Malcolm-Davies, Jane: “Shedding light with science: the potential for 21st century studies of 16th century knitting” in Journal of Dress History, Vol. 1, 2017. 83–91.


Dahl, Camilla Luise and Lempiäinen, Piia: ‘The World of Foreign Goods and Imported Luxuries: Merchant and shop inventories in late 17th-century Denmark-Norway’, in T. Engelhardt Mathiassen, M.-L. Nosch, M. Ringgaard, K. Toftegaard, and M. Venborg Pederson (eds.), Fashionable Encounters: Perspectives and trends in textile and dress in the Early Modern Nordic World. Oxbow Books, 2014. 1–14.


Hohti, Paula: ‘Conspicuous’ Consumption and Popular Consumers: Material Culture and Social Status in Sixteenth-Century Siena’, in Renaissance Studies 24, 2010. 654–670.


Mikhaila, Ninya and Malcolm-Davies, Jane: The Tudor Tailor: reconstructing 16th century dress, Batsford, 2006.